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How much do you know about car tyres?

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How much do you know about car tyres?

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1.WhatdoAT,MTandHTstandforrespectively? AT,orAll-Terrain,referstotheoff-roadtyresuitableforallroadconditions.TheadvantageofATtyreisthatitcanbeusedforbothoff-roadandordinarysteps.Ofcourse,theoff-roadperformanceisstilllimited.ThedisadvantageofATtyresisthattheroadperformanceisdegradedandthenoiseisgenerallylarger,whichisduetothetyrenoiseisdeterminedbythetreadpatternandspacing.Inaddition,themaximumspeedofATtireisnottoohigh,trynottoexceedthemaximumspeedmarkedonthetire. HTreferstotheoff-roadtiresuitableforurbanroadsurface.HTtireshavesofttirewallsandfinetreadpatterns,whichcancreateaquieterdrivingenvironment.Ifvehiclesaremainlyusedinurbanareas,youcanconsiderchangingasetofHTtires. MT,orMud-TerraininEnglish,isakindofmudtire.Itstirewallishard,itsteethareexaggerated,andthedistancebetweentheteethisobviouslylarger.Itiseasytodischargemudataslowspeedorthrowmudatahighspeedwhendrivingonmud.Inaddition,itiseasiertoincreaseadhesiononsomebadground,suchasroughrockground.MTtyresmakealotofnoisewhendrivingonthehighway.BrakingandsteeringperformancearemuchdifferentfromHTtires,andpavementinrainismorelikelytogetoutofcontrol. 2.DateofproductionThetireismarkedwithaproductiondateof1514,ofwhich14isfor2014and15isforthe15thweekofproduction,sothetireisproducedwithaproductiondateof15thweekof2014.5.jpg 3.Tiremarking205/55/R16,whichisthemostimportantfactorintheselectionoftyres.Firstly,205representsthewidthofthepartwherethetiretouchestheground,i.e.205mm;55representstheflatratioofthetire,i.e.55%;R16referstothesizeofthehub.91in91Wreferstotheloadindex,whileWrepresentsthespeedlevel. 6.jpg 4.SpeedLevelSpeedlevelreferstothehighestspeedatwhichatirecancarryaspecifiedloadunderspecifiedconditions.TheWinthe91Wshownaboverepresentsthemaximumspeedthatthetirecanwithstandat270km/h.3.png5,JvalueJvalueisthevalueofthewidthofthewheelringcorrespondingtothewidthofthetire.Generallyspeaking,ifwewanttoupgradethetirewithoutchangingthewheelring,thewidthshouldnotexceed10%oftheoriginalwidth.Forexample,thewidthoftheoriginaltireis205mm,andtheupgraderangeshouldbe215mm.AnditneedstomatchtherightJvalueofthewheelring.Unlessitisatemporaryemergency,wedonotrecommendanout-of-rangeupgrade,whichwillcauseadditionalwearandtearandshortentirelife.     6.Howtoinstallreversetire   Inadditiontothecommontireswithsingle-guidepattern,therearearrowsonthetireside.Afterinstallation,thearrowsonthetiresideshouldbeconsistentwiththedirectionofthevehicle.Thereareasymmetricalpatterntireswith"OUTSIDE"onthetireside.Afterinstallation,thesignshouldbecorrectedontheoutside.Ifatireinstallationerrorisfound,itshouldbecorrectedintime.Otherwise,thegripforceofthewheelsonbothsideswillbedifferent,especiallyonwetslidingroads.Causesthevehiclebrakingforceasynchronism,themaneuverabilityisnotgood,thedeviationandsoon,whentheextremesituation,willaffectthedrivingsafety.
1. What do AT, MT and HT stand for respectively?
AT, or All-Terrain, refers to the off-road tyre suitable for all road conditions. The advantage of AT tyre is that it can be used for both off-road and ordinary steps. Of course, the off-road performance is still limited. The disadvantage of AT tyres is that the road performance is degraded and the noise is generally larger, which is due to the tyre noise is determined by the tread pattern and spacing. In addition, the maximum speed of AT tire is not too high, try not to exceed the maximum speed marked on the tire.
HT refers to the off-road tire suitable for urban road surface. HT tires have soft tire walls and fine tread patterns, which can create a quieter driving environment. If vehicles are mainly used in urban areas, you can consider changing a set of HT tires.
MT, or Mud-Terrain in English, is a kind of mud tire. Its tire wall is hard, its teeth are exaggerated, and the distance between the teeth is obviously larger. It is easy to discharge mud at a slow speed or throw mud at a high speed when driving on mud. In addition, it is easier to increase adhesion on some bad ground, such as rough rock ground. MT tyres make a lot of noise when driving on the highway. Braking and steering performance are much different from HT tires, and pavement in rain is more likely to get out of control.
2. Date of production
The tire is marked with a production date of 1514, of which 14 is for 2014 and 15 is for the 15th week of production, so the tire is produced with a production date of 15th week of 2014. 5.jpg
3. Tire marking
205/55/R16, which is the most important factor in the selection of tyres. Firstly, 205 represents the width of the part where the tire touches the ground, i.e. 205mm; 55 represents the flat ratio of the tire, i.e. 55%; R16 refers to the size of the hub. 91 in 91W refers to the load index, while W represents the speed level.
4. Speed Level
Speed level refers to the highest speed at which a tire can carry a specified load under specified conditions. The W in the 91W shown above represents the maximum speed that the tire can withstand at 270 km/h.
5, J value
J value is the value of the width of the wheel ring corresponding to the width of the tire. Generally speaking, if we want to upgrade the tire without changing the wheel ring, the width should not exceed 10% of the original width. For example, the width of the original tire is 205 mm, and the upgrade range should be 215 mm. And it needs to match the right J value of the wheel ring. Unless it is a temporary emergency, we do not recommend an out-of-range upgrade, which will cause additional wear and tear and shorten tire life.
6. How to install reverse tire
In addition to the common tires with single-guide pattern, there are arrows on the tire side. After installation, the arrows on the tire side should be consistent with the direction of the vehicle. There are asymmetrical pattern tires with "OUTSIDE" on the tire side. After installation, the sign should be corrected on the outside. If a tire installation error is found, it should be corrected in time. Otherwise, the grip force of the wheels on both sides will be different, especially on wet sliding roads. Causes the vehicle braking force asynchronism, the maneuverability is not good, the deviation and so on, when the extreme situation, will affect the driving safety.