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Car tire maintenance is very important

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Car tire maintenance is very important

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It'sreallyanunfortunatethingfortheownerofacartohaveaflattireontheroad.Someautomobilemaintenanceprofessionalssaidthatautomobiletiresshouldalsobemaintainedinnormaltimes,soastoensurethesafetyoftires. Atireburstwhiledriving Mr.Long'scarrecentlyhadaflattireontheway.Fortunately,thespeedwaswellcontrolledandnoonehadanaccident.Aftertheevent,Mr.Longcouldnotunderstandwhyhiscarhadjustbeenboughtforlessthanhalfayear,andthetireswerebrandnew.Whydidthetireburstappearintheprocessofdriving?Heboughtanewcarforlessthanhalfayear,andhedidnotdrivemuch.Hewoulddrivelongdistancesonlywhenhecamehomeortraveled,butheusuallyleftitintheparkinglotanddidnotdrivemuch.Thetiresshouldbeverygood,buttheyshouldcomebeforeheleft.I'vealsoseenthatthetireisokay,butIdidn'texpectthatitwouldburstinthecourseofdriving.Mr.Longsaid. Inthisregard,automobilemaintenanceprofessionalsMasterLuosaidthatasthe"foot"ofvehicles,tiresplayavitalroleindrivingsafety,sothemaintenanceoftiresisparticularlyimportant."Mr.Longsaidthathiscarwasoftenexposedtothesunanddidnotdriveoutveryoften.Inaddition,Mr.Longsaidthathealwayswashedthecarassoonashecameback,whichwasnotgoodforthetires,becausethetireswerestillhotwhentheystopped,andtheywereeasiertoagingorhardeningwhenexposedtocoldwater. MasterLuosaidthatmanycarownersnowliketochecktheircarsbythemselves,butsomeofthemsufferfrominexperienceandareunabletostart.Infact,tireinspectionisverysimple,thefollowingfewsmallmethodscanhelpownerstotireself-inspection. Firstofall,whetherthetireagingisserious,wecanseethetreadandtreadlines,iftherearewidespreadcracks,itshowsthatthetirehasbeenagingseriously. Secondly,morethanthreetiresshouldbereplacedintime.Don'treplacethembecauseyouareafraidofspendingmoney. Thirdly,ifthetirewallistied,thetireshouldbereplacedintime.Itismoredangerousforthetirewalltobetiedthanforthetreadinjury. MasterLuosuggestedthatthevastnumberofcarowners,beforegoingout,mustcheckthetires,especiallythosewhooftendriveinbadroadconditions,butalsopayattentionto,afterall,poorroadconditionshaveaseriousimpactonthelifeoftires.
It's really an unfortunate thing for the owner of a car to have a flat tire on the road. Some automobile maintenance professionals said that automobile tires should also be maintained in normal times, so as to ensure the safety of tires.
A tire burst while driving
Mr. Long's car recently had a flat tire on the way. Fortunately, the speed was well controlled and no one had an accident. After the event, Mr. Long could not understand why his car had just been bought for less than half a year, and the tires were brand new. Why did the tire burst appear in the process of driving? He bought a new car for less than half a year, and he did not drive much. He would drive long distances only when he came home or traveled, but he usually left it in the parking lot and did not drive much. The tires should be very good, but they should come before he left. I've also seen that the tire is okay, but I didn't expect that it would burst in the course of driving. Mr. Long said.
In this regard, automobile maintenance professionals Master Luo said that as the "foot" of vehicles, tires play a vital role in driving safety, so the maintenance of tires is particularly important. "Mr. Long said that his car was often exposed to the sun and did not drive out very often. In addition, Mr. Long said that he always washed the car as soon as he came back, which was not good for the tires, because the tires were still hot when they stopped, and they were easier to aging or hardening when exposed to cold water.
Master Luo said that many car owners now like to check their cars by themselves, but some of them suffer from inexperience and are unable to start. In fact, tire inspection is very simple, the following few small methods can help owners to tire self-inspection.
First of all, whether the tire aging is serious, we can see the tread and tread lines, if there are widespread cracks, it shows that the tire has been aging seriously.
Secondly, more than three tires should be replaced in time. Don't replace them because you are afraid of spending money.
Thirdly, if the tire wall is tied, the tire should be replaced in time. It is more dangerous for the tire wall to be tied than for the tread injury.
Master Luo suggested that the vast number of car owners, before going out, must check the tires, especially those who often drive in bad road conditions, but also pay attention to, after all, poor road conditions have a serious impact on the life of tires.