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    Quanzhou Qianjin Tyre Industry Co., Ltd. is located at 308 Provincial Road, Luncang Town, Nan'an City, on the west coast of the Straits. It is a comprehensive organization integrating production, wholesale and sales. It has been specializing in engineering tyres, forklift tyres, solid tyres, excavator tyres, special mechanical tyres and automobile tyres for more than 20 years. Customers are abundant and experienced. The main brands are "DaiNiu", "River Wheel", "QZQJ", "GZQJ", "Before Enter" and so on.



    Classification, Use and Advantages of Solid Tires
    Solid tire is a kind of tire corresponding to pneumatic tire (hollow tire). Its carcass is solid. It does not need cord as skeleton and inflatable, so it does not need inner tube or airtight layer. The following section introduces the classification, use and advantages of solid tires. Classification of solid tires: Solid tires are generally divided into bonded and non-bonded tires. The former refers to the tires directly vulcanized by rubber on the rim, and the latter refers to the tires fixed on the rim after vulcanization. According to the shape, it can be divided into cylinder solid tire and inclined bottom solid tire. According to the use, it can be divided into antistatic, conductive, oil-resistant, high-load solid tire and environmentally friendly traceless solid tire.
    Car owner's attention: How long is the life of automobile tyres? Don't change them any more!
    The most important part of the car is the tire. Without the tire, the car can not start. A good tire can ensure the stability and comfort of the vehicle in the process of driving. The tire of a car is the bearer of the whole car, and it is also a necessary condition of the car. As a result, more and more people pay attention to the life of tires. How long is the life of tires? Car owners should pay attention to: don't change any more! Usually, under normal circumstances, the distance of a car should not exceed 60,000 kilometers in three years, and it needs to be replaced every three years. Usually, the car is replaced before the life of the tire is used. If the pattern of the tire
    Car tire maintenance is very important
    It'sreallyanunfortunatethingfortheownerofacartohaveaflattireontheroad.Someautomobilemaintenanceprofessionalssaidthatautomobiletiresshouldalsobemaintainedinnormaltimes,soastoensurethesafetyoftires. Atireburstwhiledriving Mr.Long'scarrecentlyhadaflattireontheway.Fortunately,thespeedwaswellcontrolledandnoonehadanaccident.Aftertheevent,Mr.Longcouldnotunderstandwhyhiscarhadjustbeenboughtforlessthanhalfayear,andthetireswerebrandnew.Whydidthetireburstappearintheprocessofdriving?Heboughtanewcarforlessthanhalfayear,andhedidnotdrivemuch.Hewoulddrivelongdistancesonlywhenhecamehomeortraveled,butheusuallyleftitintheparkinglotanddidnotdrivemuch.Thetiresshouldbeverygood,buttheyshouldcomebeforeheleft.I'vealsoseenthatthetireisokay,butIdidn'texpectthatitwouldburstinthecourseofdriving.Mr.Longsaid. Inthisregard,automobilemaintenanceprofessionalsMasterLuosaidthatasthe"foot"ofvehicles,tiresplayavitalroleindrivingsafety,sothemaintenanceoftiresisparticularlyimportant."Mr.Longsaidthathiscarwasoftenexposedtothesunanddidnotdriveoutveryoften.Inaddition,Mr.Longsaidthathealwayswashedthecarassoonashecameback,whichwasnotgoodforthetires,becausethetireswerestillhotwhentheystopped,andtheywereeasiertoagingorhardeningwhenexposedtocoldwater. MasterLuosaidthatmanycarownersnowliketochecktheircarsbythemselves,butsomeofthemsufferfrominexperienceandareunabletostart.Infact,tireinspectionisverysimple,thefollowingfewsmallmethodscanhelpownerstotireself-inspection. Firstofall,whetherthetireagingisserious,wecanseethetreadandtreadlines,iftherearewidespreadcracks,itshowsthatthetirehasbeenagingseriously. Secondly,morethanthreetiresshouldbereplacedintime.Don'treplacethembecauseyouareafraidofspendingmoney. Thirdly,ifthetirewallistied,thetireshouldbereplacedintime.Itismoredangerousforthetirewalltobetiedthanforthetreadinjury. MasterLuosuggestedthatthevastnumberofcarowners,beforegoingout,mustcheckthetires,especiallythosewhooftendriveinbadroadconditions,butalsopayattentionto,afterall,poorroadconditionshaveaseriousimpactonthelifeoftires.
    How to do tire inspection and maintenance well
    In the daily use of vehicles, most of the time we are concerned about how to maintain the engine, but neglect the knowledge of tires. As one of the most important components, tire is not only related to vehicle handling performance, but also to the personal safety of passengers in the car. So more knowledge about tires is what every car owner should have. How to do tire detection and maintenance is one of the important foundations for safe driving. 1. First of all, check the air pressure of all tires on the car in cooling condition at least once a month. If the air pressure is insufficient, the cause of air leakage should be found out. The tire pressure must be checked after the tire is cooled.