What are the characteristics of the various patterns of tires


The tread part of the tire is inlaid with various grooves, which is called the tread pattern. The basic patterns and characteristics of the tread are as follows. The pattern of general car tires is made up of these basic patterns freely combined, and many new design concepts are added.

Type Longitudinal pattern Transverse pattern Mixed pattern Off-road pattern

Tread pattern

shape pattern spreading along the circumference connected together (longitudinal pattern) transversely cut pattern (transverse pattern) a pattern combining transverse and longitudinal patterns a pattern consisting of independent blocks

Feature 1 has good control stability.

2. Low rolling resistance.

3. Low noise.

4. Good drainage.

5. Anti-skid, excellent steering stability.

1. Excellent driving force and braking force.

2. Strong traction.

3. Excellent resistance to stab pad injury.

1. Longitudinal lines provide steering stability and help prevent sideslip.

2. The horizontal lines improve the driving force, braking force and traction.

1. Excellent driving force and braking force.

2. It has good steering stability on snowy and muddy roads.

Selection of tire pattern

1. A more suitable pattern tire should be selected according to the road conditions and speed of the vehicle. For vehicles driving at medium speeds on general hard roads, trucks and buses should choose tires with transverse patterns or both vertical and horizontal patterns; for vehicles that often drive on highways and good hard roads, it is appropriate to choose tires with good heat dissipation and stable lateral stability. Strong longitudinal pattern and vertical and horizontal pattern tires.

2. As the vehicle speed increases, the water between the tread and the road surface will form a water film between the two sides before it can be eliminated, and the tire will be slowly held up, and even completely left the road under certain conditions, causing the car to completely lose its maneuverability. This phenomenon is called tire "water skiing phenomenon". There are many factors that affect the critical speed of water skiing, but one of the main factors is the tire pattern and the confidence bar. Cars that often drive on highways should choose anti-ski tires as much as possible if conditions permit (as shown in Figure 5). The main feature of this pattern is that a wide drainage groove (main groove) is designed in the middle of the tread to form a larger drainage space between the tire and the road surface. In the two main ditches, there are side ditches leading to the sidewall, so the drainage distance is short and the drainage efficiency is high, so as to maximize the "water skiing phenomenon" that may occur when the tire is driving at high speed on wet roads, and improve the safety of driving.

It is worth noting that this pattern has a directional, installation should not be careless.

3. The direction of rotation of a tread tire is usually indicated by an "arrow" stamped on the sidewall. If you rotate in the direction of the arrow, that is, the tip of the "herringbone" pattern will land first, it is said to be placed in the forward direction and vice versa, it is said to rotate in the opposite direction.

All anti-water-skiing tires are placed in the forward direction to improve drainage efficiency, while the reverse placement will result in worse drainage efficiency than non-water-skiing tires.

Off-road directional pattern tires, if installed on the drive axle, should rotate in the forward direction. The tip of the "herringbone" pattern is embedded in the slush like a chain, with strong gripping ability, and the slush embedded in the pattern groove can be squeezed from both sides. The pattern is self-cleaning; if the off-road directional pattern tire installed on the driven bridge does not output traction, it should rotate in the opposite direction to reduce rolling resistance and wear.

In summary, the tire pattern is an important part of improving car performance and ensuring driving safety. Therefore, how to correctly purchase, install and use the tire pattern is very important.